Drones to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Pandemic drones are being built which can detect where the coronavirus may spread next by monitoring large concentrations of populations in major US cities. These surveillance drones, built by Draganfly, will be outfitted with special sensors and a computer vision system that can detect fevers, coughs, sneezes, and respiratory rates. This network will be called the “global early warning system” and will help to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

“Draganfly is honored to work on such an important project given the current pandemic facing the world with COVID-19. Health and respiratory monitoring will be vital for not only detection, but also utilizing the data to understand health trends. As we move forward, drones and autonomous technology doing detection will be an important part of ensuring public safety,” said Andy Card, Director of Draganfly and former Secretary of Transportation and White House Chief of Staff.

This pandemic drone can detect breathing rate, heart rate, body temperature, sneezes, and coughs, which are all signs that could point to a COIVD-19 carrier.

Here’s Draganfly’s video showing the pandemic drone in action:

-April 30, 2020